Simple or complicate…

I have discovered something weird today, I am “complicate”… “Ce sont des gens simples” me dit-on “ils n’ont pas fait d’études”*. If that’s true, this would mean, since I have gone to university, got what is called a “degree” and all these things that go along, I am the opposite of someone who is simple, therefore I must be “complicate”. Looking at the facts that more and more people in our societies are educated, there is no wonder our world could appear so complicate… as would say one of my teacher “Do make this as complicate as you need to get value out of it”… Funny enough, I would have expected the opposite, the more educated you become, the more knowledge you have, the easiest for you to choose the simplest, cleverest and best solutions, right?

*They are simple people I am told they have not gone to university

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