When the wine is missing…

11:29AM the phone is still silent, though I am sure though we agreed on 11:00AM. Option 1: my memory is already expiring and attacked by an intensive stroke of Alzheimer and dementia; I realized I have travelled into times while drinking my coffee and it is 2096. Option 2: in the virtual role play I am playing every day, that phone call last Monday never happened; it’s all clear, life is an illusion and the phone call was a simple simulation. Option 3: the guy drank all my wine last night and cannot remember, from Adam or Eve, what his name is, how to drive a car, or my address, without forgetting that having no more wine to deliver, he has no more no reason to come over… I picked up my phone, dialling the number from Monday call, a voice picked up, not that rough neither drunk (Note to mind: option 3 out). Yes we did talk last Monday, and yes we are in 2016 (Note to mind: option 1 out), and yes we did agree for a delivery this morning (Note to mind: option 2 out, though… hesitation… the simulation could still be running…)

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