The shoes

One fee, two feet, one feet, the other feet… my feet sing a lullaby as I walk in the street; I even hear it in my head, bum bam bom “walking in the street” on some low notes, steady rhythm. I hear him as well, walking in the street, catching up with me, about to … say hello? Of course not, this would have been too easy, too common. No, no, with a very loud voice looking amazingly way below the usual line of my breast, he went on “Wow, very interesting shoes” -you read right, he was looking at my feet, and he went on- “it’s like architecture, two cylindrical rooms dancing together, rolling and rolling one after the other.” I turned around “you know, usually people say hello first.” to which he replied “Do they? but “hello” would have nothing to do with your shoes!”…. I knew it. Men and shoes, it’s a long secret and hidden story…

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