A liberty bell?.

Speed-smelling not really working for me, I am getting ready for a traditional date. I thought we were just having coffee, but he just texted me to confirm our “date”. I am amazed how one extra letter -from coffee to date- can bring such a transformation in expectation, pressure and assumptions. I am starting to seriously question the power of 4 letters word… date, love, hurt, hate, life, damn, gosh… But for now another question pop up in my head. At what time will the transformation happen? Have you noticed that as well? Sometimes during the date, as conversation flows, the date usually turns into a “slot machine”… mode of payment: words; display of the results: the eyes; fruit symbols: replaced with life elements; and as I reply to a question, I see the lever going down, the cards aligning in his eyes: “size, sports, Family” match; “size, books, inspiration” mismatch; “interest, bank account, kids” mismatch… from the “fruit-machine”, the “match-machine”. I heard love is a game of luck, maybe I should learn poker.

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