A “be invisible” silence

Airport floor and display glittering with lights and destinations; ticket in hand and passport checked; heading to the lounge floor for a step into the world of business lounges and more… As I enter the lounge, one thing strikes me… silence. I can understand the need for silence to pick up a phone call or finish a presentation, but… just there… on that Sunday afternoon, it was like a wrong silence. I looked around, chairs side by side, small tables like an outdoor restaurant terrace, free food on the buffet, welcoming smiles of the hosts, and still, there, that wrong silence… In the middle of the airport where all inches of floor are about movement, life, haste, dreams, goodbyes and comings back; a lack of life type of silence – a don’t make a move silence – a be invisible silence. I had stepped into another world; my feet treading a dangerous line; wondering what color this silence will create in my mind.

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