Moment of excellence

It was one of those quiet mornings when life came easy and sparkling. I awoke smoothly to birds singing and a ray of sun on my face, both caresses of dreams and skin; and I opened my eyes confident and happy. Everything around me was so sharp and bright, exquisite colors dancing with the sun and the fresh wind. I smile enjoying vibrant colors and sounds, to quickly pause… “Damned you idiot –I thought- you must have slept with your contact lenses”. I rubbed my eyes to ease the possibly stuck contact lenses but, to my surprise, found nothing. Here I was, fully relaxed, fully seeing sharp and bright… a pure moment of excellence… until my brain kicked in… “that’s no possible, you are supposed to be short-sighted, you should not be seeing”. In that flash of annoying consciousness, all went blurry, unfamiliar, unpleasant. There it was… now a lost moment of excellence… and a few years later I am still looking to recreate it… frustrating…

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