Watching a speech on YouTube this afternoon. I rings like a typical TED talk, though not a ted.com yet, rather a speech label “motivational speaking”…. And…it’s all but motivational, unless… I start looking into killing myself first, or anything else, as long as I can prove an amazing huge life changing event. My cat died last year… Can it work? There is something morbid about many of these motivational speeches… an unpleasant message… something like… unless your life’s story bump into a very unpleasant chapter, you are not worth it. Yes, these people are extraordinary in pulling themselves and life together. Still, could we present that in another way? Listening to the end of the script, I am curious: for one extraordinary person which will make it to the news today, how many ordinary people in the background who made it possible? Friends, family, support circle, people extraordinary for their patience, their love, their generosity who make every day possible for so many. I am sure I met a few today just walking in the street, and I may never know it.

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