Hunger times…

Oh gosh I could eat anything coming my ways… though no, not that one, not smiling enough… and no, not that one either, he has something into his ears called earplugs and I have no idea what this would have done to his brain, his mood, his hormones, etc… That one? Beurk, just the look of worry on the forehead makes me want to throw up. To be honest… who would want to increase one’s protein intake with meat bred under antibiotics, stress, hard rock music, disgruntled news, creativity killing education system and dramatic news… and though I feel alone in the middle of that many people in that train station, right there at the cross roads of lives, stories, and rail tracks, my desert island is not making me that desperate, so I guess… I will have to satisfy myself with some ham and cheese toasted croissant. Suddenly that sounds so plain and exotic.

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