Morning Coffee

Here I am, sitting on “my sofa, choice number 1”; then there is “my sofa, choice number 2”, and then the “chair, choice number 3” and then, the headache of choosing a second graded seat… though early morning, number 1 and number 2 are always available. We shared them with “Lady early morning and black coffee”. Then there is “Gentleman 1, expresso and newspaper” “Gentleman 2, cappuccino and computer” and both have their favourite table and chair as well, in two separate corners. Every morning –nearly- the same faces, the same habits. We all talk to the staff but never to each other. We hear brief snippets of each other’s life through conversations with the barista or the cashier, but never with each other. Fascinating! What would happen if I was to replace the traditional “Good morning” with a proper conversation? An explosion of indecency? Or an explosion of humanity?

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