The potential partner

“Are you looking for a partner” he said intensely, just about 5 minutes in the middle of my presentation speech. Have I improved my business pitch that much… that I don’t even need to give it to attract potential business partners? Wow!

This was a few days ago. 12:10 today… the potential business partner is already 10 minutes late to our first business meeting. Another 5 minutes later, without any proper excuse –”I had to finish that email,” he mumbled- he is lucky to find me still sitting. Fact, I am hungry and the food is really good here, so I ordered while waiting. He sat and automatically starts… telling me in details… how great he is… how my concepts are exactly what he was looking for… how his life has been so hard in the past months and years…. how he could my job better than me… I paused… Did he booked for a coaching appointment? I check my calendar, and it is clearly written “business lunch”. Sight – and another sight – BIG one actually – Oh boy, another one of this supposed business meeting which turns into an informal coaching session; and  to top that up, with one of these “Wanna-be coaches” who want to show how great they are by saving others. Fact number two today: I do need to improve my “detection system”. Would anyone ever make an app for that?

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