Learning equation

We know there is theories, thoughts, books, classes, plenty of things to learn from. And here I am, spending the full afternoon reading about the art of drawings. Still, unless I pick up a pen and actually start the action of drawing, I will only remain a possible “Clever monkey with a good memory”. I need to act –to draw. But, if I keep drawing over and over the same things without looking at it, and seeing what I can learn from my actual action… I will not only reach insanity -according to Einstein Axiom “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, I will still remain a “clever monkey with a good memory and 100 hours of drawing time”. Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field; of course under the condition of a proper learning equation; for instance the one made by  David B. Petterson “ Learning = Action + reflection”. That’s it, my favourite sentence is officially this daily question “What is the positive learnings of my day I can bring forward with me?” … just can’t wait to become an expert in answering this question.

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