Energetic expression

Back from the Sushi place, I look at my order on the table. That’s it, tomorrow I am cycling… in front of me, there is definitely for two on this table… I just could not face it today, the baguette for one, the waiter look for the repeated order for one, the… So surprised, I fall into that trap; my stomach as well, though with mix feeling –the order on the table is looking really good. The best in that story? The one from my last flat mate… whatever the quantity of sushi she would have been buying from the same place -one box or three boxes- she would always be offered baguettes for two.  Deduction of the day: call it pheromones or energy, people expresses different statement just by being. Objective of the day? Finding the energetic expression for “ “offer me my take-away-order, I am so cool!”

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