No why in the world of sheep

I thought I was human… I guess I must be a sheep. I keep being told what to do without any real information. It happened again, this last December. Out of the blue I received an email from a provider “We have refunded your recently bought laptop battery” –Yeah!- “we recommend you stop using it” –Why?- and somewhere at the bottom of the text “it may endanger your safety” -Why? Again- and then –How?- 4 month later still no reply to my email asking that same questions. 5 months, 150 days about, 3600 hours about later, still no reply… 5 months +1 day later, the smell of electric fire in addition, yellow flames for the ambiance, finally I have my answer “Samsung Style”, as my laptop turned itself into a fire place. No why for more surprises in the world of sheep.

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