Arggg… falling into that trap again…

As I sat and read a small flyer on the various comedians coming up, I hear it that little voice… A voice of critics, of grumpy days, and negatives details… But I know. It’s not really that voice. It’s dead easy to confuse them, the disguise is so good. And behind this impossibility I create to appreciate the moment, hides anger, jealousy, fear and much more. All into that imitated voice. I fell into that trap again, head and feet first. What trap? The “compare” trap. The “still not there” trap. The “not good enough” trap. And I know better. I know “to compare” works when you compare looking for inspiration and not judgement. Ouch! The great thing when you fall into a trap head first? You always knock your head. Ouch again! Okay okay, I got it… Inspiration. I repeat, inspiration.

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