Taking back my pen

A bit more of 2 months of silence, and before that nearly 6 months of silence… I knew I had to do something, find the thief who had robbed me my pen(s)… indeed pens, a blue, a black, a green, a transparent, a Dark Vader one, a red -bright red of course like eyes who have just cried. Why are people afraid of tears? The beauty of the expression of the emotions, the beauty to know one can feel an emotion, the beauty to know that emotion exists. Okay, okay, I hear you. The weight of sadness. And maybe this is the freedom, seeing behind the weight of sadness the joy of know how difficult it is to miss someone, and with that knowing the joy of spending time with that person. And no, this is not a love story. This is just a human story. So many ways to miss someone, so many ways to like and love someone. I am glad we are having this conversation reader; loneliness had stolen my pen, the blue one; overwork has stolen another one, the rainbow one; anger had borrowed the red ones, but… passion took it back, passion for what I am doing, helping people to change their perspectives, unboxing their mind with self-leadership, and this new idea of mind, implementing this state of the “curious mind” every single day #pausequestionthinkdifferent. Let’s pause then and question, what do you want to talk about next reader?

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