Making a difference for the better

Going back to writing from more than 10 years ago – ah the joy of the coach reflecting log πŸ˜… – this sentence sticks out like a pole with no flag. It’s here, the intention, the strong direction, the strong momentum. Yeap this is what I want to do “make a difference for the better” at two levels actually, the protection of the earth, and the joy of people enjoying a better life. Of course the “how” this is happening, is what makes all the difference between wishful thinking and actions. And yes… I am miles away from where I thought I could be, my compass is spot on and still working, the landscape I had to navigate quite different than expected, the travelling slower. And the sticking pole poking me on regular basis 😁 like a nagging reminder “are we there yet, are we there yet?”. Just like in a trail when the end is not coming fast enough, no other solutions than simply… Putting one feet on the ground after the other one, one step at a time πŸ˜œπŸ€—.

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