La boîte aux lettres

Trois, quatre, voire cinq fois et plus je l ouvre. C’est simple, chaque fois que je passe devant, quelque soit l’heure, le moment de la journée ou de la nuit, avant ou après le passage du facteur… C est sans importance. Je l’ouvre. Elle et sa boîte à lait. Ah oui la boîte à lait, c’est un truc suisse, et là c’est rarement du lait qu’on y trouve, mais plutôt des petits paquets, des pubs, et souvent rien. Y a des gens qui traînent. Ils hésitent. Ils se forcent. Ils l’ouvrent à reculons cette boîte aux lettres. Mais pourquoi ? Binh oui, pourquoi? Alors oui, il y aura peut-être une facture -ou plusieurs… Mais aussi, peut-être une surprise…? La lettre d’un amoureux transit? La carte postal d’un ami perdu de vue? Une fourmi, perdue en ville, qui cherche son chemin et surtout un petit coup de main? On ne sais jamais… et ça, c’est fantastique.

If it’s not uncomfortable…

… you’re not learning they say. Can I write … yes, can I… “What a pile of crap!” here it is, said out loud and written. Choose your words again! And why not going for… challenging, new, something to discover, interesting, frightening at times, exciting, so different, etc… Yes learning is by default about something we do not know yet, but one thing I know… when I’m relaxed and comfortable, I learn way faster. I may need to be brave and face my fears to do that learning, but I definitely want to be comfortable with that.

Happy fall!

Nothing as good as a really good fall in the snow when you go straight head first eating the snow and even trapping it into your collar, hat and thermal – damn that open zip – and go straight back up laughing and relax. Such a cool reminder than falling and starting again is part of the game and the learning.

A change of wording?

Here we go again “comfort zone” this, “comfort zone” that, “comfort zone” no no. What if we were to be more precise? Yeap it’s a comfort zone but more important it’s a “knowledge zone” and from my “knowledge zone” I want to expand to a “curious zone” and in top of that… I want to learn to do it remaining comfortable as I stay actually… in a fantastic “learning zone”

As simple as a heart

A few minutes of heart coherence, and your heart is twice as big in your chest, twice as full of emotions and strengths, twice pulling you up. Yeap, pulled up by your heart, not your brain, but your heart. And sometimes actually my brain has no idea what to do with all that, this mix of raw power, raw energy, raw emotions and pure love, this intense love to oneself and to the world.

From boxes to authenticity…

I see it, on the table, another of those psychological tests… What is it going to be this time? Geometrical shapes? After being blue, red or green, I can now be round, square, or triangle. Actually no, rather ball, cube or pyramid. For a human beings, with a physical body, let’s get something in 3D at least. What every one forgets about those damn tests is that they are context dependent. I may be pyramidal here, but rather cube for this other project. All depend on what is needed for that context or moment. And playing outside of the box, shifting as a chameleon does, is what let us be authentic to every situation. It is also what let us explore who we can truly be.

From competition to inspiration

Here it is. No sugar coating wrapping. If you’re afraid of the competition, you are telling the world one thing… a lack of confidence in your own skills and capabilities. True, not everyone will play fair, using the same rules of the game you do, and so what? In the long term, keeping true to your voice and your style is always more important. See your competition as kindred spirits. And you will always learn something great from the situations.