Self-Leadership and YOU

You find many skills within the competency of Self-leadership. And two are a must-have in today’s word. Being able to let go of an illusion of control we are hanging onto; and developing an unbreakable sense of who we are and what we can do.


When everything spins around you, you want to be able to anchor yourself to a safety buoy always by your side, and the only thing always by your side is you; and nicely anchored on that buoy, you want to learn to surf the wave, and surfing the way is about flexibility and adaptability rather than control

Once you start your journey onto the world of self-leadership, you will be surprise how far the hike can stretch. Some will say imagination is the only limit to your destination.

Along side our book Swim Like a Fish: An easy guide to developing Self-Leadership, we have several programs really cool to accelerate the strengthening of your Self-Leadership

  • Our foundation: Self-Leadership Level 1
  • Widening the spiral of growth: Self-Leadership Level 2
  • Going deeper, our 12 months program: Self-Leadership Level 3

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