Swim Like a Fish: an easy guide to developing YOUR Self-Leadership

“One of the gifts in this book is that Florence does not just tell us what to do, but creates the mindset, conditions and activities for each of us to walk our own journey of self–the how to do it. This book is essentially a quest in which you are the hero. You can decide to go in whichever direction you think is appropriate for you. You can dive into dark, forbidding places, stay in the comfort of what is familiar, stride confidently or tread hesitantly. All of it is invitational. Go at your own pace in your own direction. All you have to do now is accept her invitation to enter the oceans, for in these oceans is the treasure you seek.” Trevor Horne

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What does self-leadership give you?
An anchor. A very strong anchor. Developing self-leadership gives you such a strong anchor on your sense of who you are and what you can do, that when everything spins around, you can easily find your footing and keep your head above waters, surfing the waves of life.

“A real good tool to develop your self-leadership. Just love the format with one page focusing on a specific skill, and the layering of skills and knowledge.” Note 5/5 Source Goodreads

“Original. Inspiring. I really liked the way the author taps into different disciplines and literature to create an easy, actionable, interesting guide to self-leadership and self-management. She makes it simple, but doesn’t simplify it. The book is also very original, both for its structure and the way it leads you to self-awareness and improvement. I found it both practical, down-to-earth and inspiring.” Note 5/5 Source Amazon

“A manual and a guide. The author wrote a guide to develop self-leadership and self-awareness. The guide goes through a number of pills of knowledge explaining the concepts and interacting with the reader. The book is suitable to be read in one “pill” per day, which gives the time to digest and absorb the content.” Note 5/5 Source Amazon

“A must-read for every leader. Swim like a fish uses the image of a fish locked in an aquarium. In this book we are the fish and we relearn the fundamentals of our body and mind mechanisms. We rediscover ourselves as “self-leaders”. I felt this book is rather about being a better leader of oneself, rather than becoming the leader of other people (this is the more classical definition of leader). That being said by becoming a true leader of yourself I guess you are more likely to attract other people, so it is a good read even if your goal is to become more like a social leader. The book is separated in 70 “swims” that can be easily digested at a speed of one per day. Each swim explains how humans work in an easy way, then asks to pay more attention to specific things by doing specific exercises. This is wonderful how Florence manages to make us notice small but important things about our body and mind that we have forgotten / we are not noticing in our busy daily life. I haven’t done yet the practical exercises as I preferred to go fast through all the swims during a first read, but I plan to reread it again quite soon while spending more time on each swim. All in all this is really a great book and I have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone who basically wants to improve his/her body/mind balance or perform better in private life or at work, especially entrepreneurs and leaders.” Note 5/5 Source Amazon

“Reading the book, I found the style simple and fluid, within everyone’s reach. Moreover, I found the book extremely open and tolerant, it is aimed at everyone without discrimination, from the executive to the front-line worker. It feels that I can say to myself “everyone can do it”, “everyone can dare and take the plunge”, “I can do it”. I find this book about freedom and personal autonomy, which is very reassuring, and about what we are able to engage and achieve. It’s a positive book. With it, it seems that everyone can find the keys to progress in their own lives.” Note 5/5 Source Goodread (translated from French)

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