Reflecting instant

I keep saying… To be ahead of your time, take a moment to slow down, leave your tech tools aside and enjoy the JOMO, yeap the Joy Of Missing Out. It is so easy to just rush and do and act and rush. Mixing out the reward of completing a task and the stress to be overwhelmed or completely in the wrong direction. Reading step back, that small book on moments of reflection, was a joy. Reviewing all these tips on how we can reflect, and removing some of the bias on how it has to be done.. Great news, no unique fit, but plenty of different ones, like these small posts… They are ways of reflecting, they are these few minutes when the movie is paused, me and my many personalities we stepped out of the scene and take a moment to talk to producers, cameramen, sound engineers checking a bit where that scenarios may be taking us, or simply celebrating with a vanilla coffee or a virgin mojito (yeap reducing alcohol intake amount, summer is coming 😅, all the stories already written 😁. Happy reflecting instant !