Where is that bucket?

“What you don’t have a bucket list?” It seems to be the most enormous offend I could do against our society of consumption… I don’t have a “bucket list”, though I have a list with bucket written on it -I do need a bucket to carry water when I wash my bicycle. But when it comes to my lack of bucket list, it seems several options are standing in front of me –on the right, “I do not want to do anything with my life and therefore I have no bucket list” –right in front “I have no idea what will makes me happy and therefore I have no bucket list” –somewhere on the left “I am afraid of commitment to myself and therefore I have no bucket list”… at least that’s what I was told. What if… my list did not need a bucket and was as simple as one question at the end of each day “Have I done today something to get closer to my intention “to make a difference for the better”?