Nagging me…

It used to be there unseen, a stable element in my urban city landscape providing shade and wind at times. It used to be the tree. And then it became “The big tree in the corner”, a meeting place, a token of interest, a beacon of possibility. It is nagging me today, that big tree, that escaped idea… at days a virus I can’t get rid of, at others a cure I could get, and most days a well gone romantic token of what is not. What about an Instagram snapshot in my brain I could forget once taken? or rename once printed on my neurones?

Not friend yet?

Walking back from my run, I end up following a musician, at least I assumed so… He came out of Victoria Hall with a small bag and a much bigger one, which shape had not link with any instrument I could think of, so I asked. A bass clarinet was the answer, and the answer was cool enough for the conversation to keep going, from Bach to Schoenberg, from competition to the pleasure of playing until my door. Damn, barely know him and already he walked me home –which he had no choice to go to his car- the conversation going on a bit longer on the doorstep, still none of us asked for any opportunity to meet again. Of course, silly of me… we’re not yet friends on Facebook…

Please take a stand

Global studies show that, on average, we sit 7.7 hours a day… plus time in transportation, plus time eating, plus time in coffee shop, plus time on sofa… hum… the scale is up… and the same global studies show that time standing make a huge difference, even better when we go into light exercise, like 45 minutes walking a day boosts our brain. Is it time to update politeness rules? “Would you like to take a stand?” Be the next “hip” sentence?

Forget resolution, think horizon

Forget resolution, think horizon – Resolutions are about doing things different, mostly to create a change, but without direction what’s the point? What about picking up sports if it’s only for picking up sports? What about dieting if it’s only for dieting? What about changing if it’s only for the sake of changing? On the horizons I like to draw my dreams. Every morning and every evening I look at the sun dancing on the horizon with my dreams… a painting… a novel… a picture… a daily creation where all things around us get meaning, the tears and the laughs, the race and the rest, the joy of just being.

Another dilemma…

It seems I am lucky, I know many things I want to bring into my life. And it seems I am unlucky, as I know many things I want to bring into my life, I also see the gap between where I am and where I want to be… What’s the most important then? Which one to focus on? Would it be about what to believe or what to doubt? But the linguistics would say… to be able to doubt, we have to assume in our mind that the not successful version is possible and therefore somewhere believe in this version… hum… since all are about believing, let’s believe in luck!

Darwin awards of online dating pictures?

Number 1 – shot taken in the bathroom, poor lightening and reflection in the mirror confirmed. Seems some people have not yet learnt the “Selfie” button on their smartphone… Number 2 – shot taken while driving –usually in winter and in summer. Great you can drive! Or at least you are learning to drive, good for you… Number 3 – Your face from below, your eyes looking down. Seriously… If anyone up to create a new business it seems there is a possible niche in “online dating pictures consultant”… or please not, let’s keep the filtering easy.

let’s save routine!

“Oh I can’t stand the routine” “oh everything is just about routine” “Knowing that tomorrow is going to have the same routine just kill me” hum… it’s funny how some things can get the worst out of us, and some can get the best out of us, and routine today, in my small conversation room, seems to get the worst out of people… while somewhere else in the world, I know people are struggling to get a sense of routine, a sense of stability. What if routine could become a foundation? Not a rock. Rocks are fixed and do not move, and routine should evolve and move with the evolution of our life. Rather like a good pair of shoes, or a strong bicycle, an easy to carry scooter, something to move us forward, and help us keep our brain healthy and in good shape.

Sunday self-leadership…

07:00AM, before even the crickets called for me, my eyes have opened. Breakfast is fast on the table and then the schedule of the day get hijacked… by a PC and an internet connection. 3 hours later, a mind very relaxed and still sleepy I ponder on the first item of the list still not done… that’s Sunday self-leadership… no leadership for 3 hours but the decision to rely on the partnership with my best friend -myself. Oh gosh, I love how understanding my best friend can be!