The fish is on the road

The fish is on the road with two upcoming base camps coming soon. A first one this April 1st. And a second one this autumn. Spoiler Alert… it’s all about SELF-LEADERSHIP and you… yeap it’s all about giving you the tool to developing self-leadership, the must-have competency you need to maintain strong mental stability in today’s world. Remember APRIL 1st.

Are we all thieves?

I loose my eyes and soul on the road, over hills and suns knowing it will be easier to find my way at night. I am surfing, on a road, on a wave but I know, all roads have a beginning and an end; all waves a crest and a bottom. Are we all thieves? Thieves of brief moment of either sadness or amazing happiness, and everything in the middle… Thieves looking for golden moments…

Smile, stretch, grimace and learn

The alarm clock is still ringing a soft call –Coldplay, Spies, for me- to get out of bed. 1, 2, open, close eyes and night. 3, 4, nose up, nose down, forehead up, forehead down, lips to one side, lips to the other side, a competition of clown faces in the morning. Which grimaces will get me closer to my goals? Smile, stretch, grimace and learn suppleness in my facial expressions, keeping my brain alert, training it to better recognize micro-expressions and emotions. A new morning routine?

April fish ? or April fool’s day?

Why a fish would be a fool ? From April fool’s day in English to the April fish (or poisson d’avril) in French… the joy of the expression. Did you know? “En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil” or simply said, in April keep all your jumpers, we never know, it may get cold, especially when swimming up to the hill!

Growth mindset?

Good news we all started with a growth mindset! Otherwise we will all be crawling on the floor still…. Imagine that… What does that mean then? Since we all have started with a growth mindset, we already know what it is, hence we can relearn to use it easily, since we already know how to use it, we have already done it.

More than one

It would be impossible to have one and only mindset… Mindset as one “set mind”, one set of assumptions to use when going through life. Would one set mind for everything replies to lives questions? Hum… seems this could mean rigidity, fixity. What about? A dominant mindset style, and a bit of flexibility? Hence a growth mindset!


Today, there is another quality in the air. Today there is a strength and perfume in the air I did not know. It is not Spring. It is not the Sun nor the wind. It is you, a subtle presence which will remain within my heart as I bade you farewell to another encounter, another time, another life.