Are we all thieves?

I loose my eyes and soul on the road, over hills and suns knowing it will be easier to find my way at night. I am surfing, on a road, on a wave but I know, all roads have a beginning and an end; all waves a crest and a bottom. Are we all thieves? Thieves of brief moment of either sadness or amazing happiness, and everything in the middle… Thieves looking for golden moments…

Narrow escape 2?

Hum… so far so good… no questions… a few comments easily forgotten… a bit more evading and vague words –actually for another 19 days- and I will have nailed it! The “New Year Resolutions escape”! Better than an escape game, a damn real life situation and a real life saving one! Nearly there!!!

Damn good story or narrow escape?

I can read the story already, a romance novel, but better since in real world. A flashback to the first encounter, the first electricity between body and mind, and the infatuation as the words play along the story drawing circles and heart in my head. Such a narrow escape -pfff- but still a damn good story in my head!