As simple as a heart

A few minutes of heart coherence, and your heart is twice as big in your chest, twice as full of emotions and strengths, twice pulling you up. Yeap, pulled up by your heart, not your brain, but your heart. And sometimes actually my brain has no idea what to do with all that, this mix of raw power, raw energy, raw emotions and pure love, this intense love to oneself and to the world.

From boxes to authenticity…

I see it, on the table, another of those psychological tests… What is it going to be this time? Geometrical shapes? After being blue, red or green, I can now be round, square, or triangle. Actually no, rather ball, cube or pyramid. For a human beings, with a physical body, let’s get something in 3D at least. What every one forgets about those damn tests is that they are context dependent. I may be pyramidal here, but rather cube for this other project. All depend on what is needed for that context or moment. And playing outside of the box, shifting as a chameleon does, is what let us be authentic to every situation. It is also what let us explore who we can truly be.

From competition to inspiration

Here it is. No sugar coating wrapping. If you’re afraid of the competition, you are telling the world one thing… a lack of confidence in your own skills and capabilities. True, not everyone will play fair, using the same rules of the game you do, and so what? In the long term, keeping true to your voice and your style is always more important. See your competition as kindred spirits. And you will always learn something great from the situations.

The word is free

Only 4 letters, and a specific echo in my head, I’m free. It may not look like it. I have the same chains around my ankles, the same heavy weights to carry. Chains built by societies, chains inherited from my past actions, and a weight still crushing my heart some nights. Still I’m free. I have caught the key. It has the form of a decision drawn in a cloud. The decision to really listen. Really listen to what I know is good for me.

When in the moment is not to be in?

Can you be in the moment, surrounded by people and incapable to connect? Can this still be in the moment? Is it incapable or just another way to connect with the moment? A bit like that fish on the wall, above the chimney – except that you’re alive and breathing in and out – you’re here, you see everything, you’re happy just watching, observing, connecting with the moment rather than with people. Being in the moment as recognising everything around and experiencing it in your own way,

Un jour sans collants…

Un jour d’automne sans collants et les jambes qui caillent… J’en fait quoi ? De la laine pour des bas ? Et binh non, à la rigueur une épreuve cérébrale, un chrono à qui marche le plus vite, un exercise de mode aux jambes les plus blanches possibles… Un moment de vie, un sourire, un rire, un hommage à être là à marcher tranquillo dans la rue, in the moment.

When the moment is taking you away

Night time. As I walk past this big tree I hear them, all the birds chatting away, telling each other the stories of their day. I sit and close my eyes. It’s better than Start Trek transporter. My own little transporter, closing my eyes, taking a breath, opening my ears. I am now in the jungle, or somewhere remote, I smell hot air on my face, the birds still telling me the stories of their day. And there it is, a beautiful moment in the moment taking me away.

There is always a key…

… In the learning. Here you are trusting a situation, assessing progress, making it steps by steps, your mind and spirit into it. And pang, just like that, a slap in your face… A comment completely unexpected telling you your initial assumptions about how to trust the situation are not accurate. And the slap hurts. It threw you off balance. You’re hanging there looking to ground yourself again. And that new grounding can only happen with the learning. The positive learning of the situation. A beautiful statement starting with ‘I’, written in the affirmative and the present tense. Keep at it.