Slow is the word

Yes. Slow. Walk slowly along the path and appreciate each of its steps. Look at it curiously, eyes open to its beauty and its potential. Take the time to try, to experiment and to reflect on what you’re doing. Kind of like looking at the sunset or sunrise at the horizons every day. At your horizons, the ones you want to reach some day. Slow and strong.

out of focus

“Focus in the wrong place” she wrote… How does she know? If the idea was actually to take a step out of convention looking for that other framing and that other focus? Rather than putting the foreground in my focus, I like to focus on the background, the details in the background, the every little pieces we are taking for granted, and more than that I want my focus on what could happen tomorrow, not on the task I have right in front of my eyes, but on the path I could take tomorrow. And this one is not always plain sight in the foreground…. at least it does not seems so for me, and you?