Leadership versus self-leadership

Amazing this fashion mania on leadership? Should we not start first with the basis, self-leadership? Where self-leadership is having a developed sense of who we are, what we can do, where we are going coupled with the ability to influence our communication, emotions and behaviors on the way to getting there (Inspired from Bryant, Kazan 2012).

Icy on the outside

A frozen path along the jetty, a blanket of ice over the stairs, and the water at 5˚C, nearly better in the water than outside, the rush of cold water grounding the mind to a set of roots, long roots stretching to heart, stinging hands and feet, and life.

Outside help

Sometimes you have one of these days… when you just feel like flushing your dreams down the toilet… and just that day, god damn it, the plumbing is out, no water in the main and everywhere else, AND especially in the toilet and that specific flush you wanted to pull. Ah… sometimes you see, you have one of these days when you’re just damn lucky to get outside help!