Slow is the word

Yes. Slow. Walk slowly along the path and appreciate each of its steps. Look at it curiously, eyes open to its beauty and its potential. Take the time to try, to experiment and to reflect on what you’re doing. Kind of like looking at the sunset or sunrise at the horizons every day. At your horizons, the ones you want to reach some day. Slow and strong.

Moving forward in two steps

What about taking one thought, and moving it forward –actually forward on the floor- a few cm to a different location… like closer to the door, by the window, under the plant, in the bin, in the sink? How to? Step 1- take a piece of paper and write your thought on it. Step 2 – move the piece of paper forward to another location. And if that location is in the bin, congratulations you have just cleaned your head, and without even shampoo or water.

Information versus expectations?

Statistics are information, they are telling us that up to now for a sample or population questioned or observed we have seen that % of behaviours. Once we turn statistics into expectations, we create boxes, immobility and stillness. ARGGG get me out of that box!

Driven to madness by 95%

“I told you this is not a nice behaviour, a third needs to be taken control of, a third will die, a third may make it more or less”…. ARGGG…. How normalising people to an average can ever bring a solution? Maybe 25% would have loved to be seen as possibilities outside of the stats and the average, and given the chance to be more than a number on the bell curve…

The lady above

She stopped me going upstairs to my flat. She is with her son waiting for the elevator. They moved a few months ago, and it’s our first meeting, straight to the point. “You’re the one leaving downstairs our apartment. I hope we are not making too much noise. I don’t know you, but the people above us, we hear them walking.” I pause a moment… “I guess that’s a good sign, that means they’re alive, right? Personally I would like that. And you’re fine, just the right level of noise to confirm I am living in a society with real people around me.” Sometimes tiny details like that makes all the differences.

Forget resolution, think horizon

Forget resolution, think horizon – Resolutions are about doing things different, mostly to create a change, but without direction what’s the point? What about picking up sports if it’s only for picking up sports? What about dieting if it’s only for dieting? What about changing if it’s only for the sake of changing? On the horizons I like to draw my dreams. Every morning and every evening I look at the sun dancing on the horizon with my dreams… a painting… a novel… a picture… a daily creation where all things around us get meaning, the tears and the laughs, the race and the rest, the joy of just being.