It’s everywhere

It seems movement is everywhere… in our body, our blood flow, our electromagnetic field, our thoughts and our brain, our biology. In the world around us, the cycle of water, the cycle of life, the cycle of natures. Even in our building, slow movement through the years or centuries. It seems movement is everywhere… and still we curb it every day sitting again and again, thinking and thinking again and again…an illusion of immobility? An illusion of control?

Immobility or illusion?

Lunch time, a river, a tree on the ground, many trees around, water singing along, and a sun warm already on the afternoon world. I close my eyes, another tree in the landscape, immobile and in the moment. Immobile? Or rather a perfection of tiny little movements keeping my body in balance, always moving in a subtle dance, an illusion.

The illusion of understanding

Understanding is like an optical illusion, it’s always done through the lenses of our own model of the world, our own creation of reality. And any understanding, like a mirror, reflects a distorted reality. Behind the illusion of understanding we are all looking for a very personal objective, the desired to find meaning in the situation for ourselves. Some people will say that we are looking into making sense of the situation. What about switching from the illusion of understanding to the reality of accepting? From an egotist perspective to one of generosity?