About Hunter and Gatherer…

I love how myths come about. Cool, right? Urban myth. Old folklore myth. Societal myth. Plenty to keep us busy and entertain. And here we are with this Hunter and Gatherer story. Right, that’s not a myth. Likely to be truly something we went through as part of evolution. Happy even to say without that step we would not be here to talk about it. But here is the myth still spread in corridors… “You see, we, men, we are visual beings, this is coming from the time we were Hunters, we needed to see; this is why we pay attention to appearance, we can’t help it…” and so, and son. Duh? Have you ever tried picking up berries? Have you ever tried making the difference between an eatable berry and a poisonous one? A different shade of blue is what may make the difference… yes, a different shade of blue and maybe a slightly different shape of leaves in the tree. Pfff… Thanks God, women are visuals, or clearly we would not be here to talk about it, all dead by ingestion of deadly nightshade… So when you come to an online dating app date with your tracksuit, revealing finally that your profile pics are from an unknown model who has nothing in common with you and your belly, don’t be surprise the ones who stays look for compensation in your wallet.

No pecs? No make-up?

Should we set expectations once for all? Or undo a myth? I mean, it’s true, depending where we work, there are many expectations on how we should dress up. And yes, it’s slightly disturbing that, when hiring for diversity, we do ask everyone to turn into one another with the same type of clothes or attitudes. It’s even more disturbing to know that many companies prefer using their employees’ brain power to manage wearing suits rather than to brainstorm and be creative in meetings. But let’s leave that aside for a moment, and let’s go back to basics…. Ladies, next time you hear a guys thinking out loud… “Yeah, you know, maybe you could put some make up, or wear something a bit more classy”… Turn around and checks the pecs… and maybe think out loud “Yeah, man, you know, maybe you could go to the gym in the morning, get the pecs (and belly?) a bit more classy”… Time to undo a myth -and yes more to come on that- we, ladies, have eyes and know how to use them.

April fish ? or April fool’s day?

Why a fish would be a fool ? From April fool’s day in English to the April fish (or poisson d’avril) in French… the joy of the expression. Did you know? “En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil” or simply said, in April keep all your jumpers, we never know, it may get cold, especially when swimming up to the hill!

Growth mindset?

Good news we all started with a growth mindset! Otherwise we will all be crawling on the floor still…. Imagine that… What does that mean then? Since we all have started with a growth mindset, we already know what it is, hence we can relearn to use it easily, since we already know how to use it, we have already done it.

More than one

It would be impossible to have one and only mindset… Mindset as one “set mind”, one set of assumptions to use when going through life. Would one set mind for everything replies to lives questions? Hum… seems this could mean rigidity, fixity. What about? A dominant mindset style, and a bit of flexibility? Hence a growth mindset!


Today, there is another quality in the air. Today there is a strength and perfume in the air I did not know. It is not Spring. It is not the Sun nor the wind. It is you, a subtle presence which will remain within my heart as I bade you farewell to another encounter, another time, another life.