freedom or simplicity?


Suddenly two things only in my head –where I sleep this evening –what do I have to eat? Two basic questions to create rhythm in my days. Gosh… why on earth have I so many questions passing through my head on my traditional days? Joy in the freedom of simplicity!

The new smoking?


Sitting may be the new smoking of today’s world… But what about focusing only on smartphone and PC screen? The new cocaine of today’s world? A life with no dimension, right in front of your eyes, with no perception and big pictures… scarry… that bloody stupid new cocaine…


Cat got its tongue?


“Come on take a break… come one you could stop, take a bus”… would be saying the Little Devil on my left shoulder… but it’s dead quiet, must have been a rock on the way – PAF! Little Devil on the ground, knocked out – unless… the cat got its tongue! Nothing to say, it’s just too good!

Same and so different


Still the same… tie up the boots, pick up the back pack, chase one foot with the other one, stop for water sip, stop for snack bite, keeping chasing one foot with the other one; and still so different… another flower, another thought, another light, another discovery about oneself, another idea, another line of dreams, another bite of life!

Changes of perspectives


“Come” said the ibex, “there is a great spot there. You won’t believe how many there are, and they keep coming; must be a migration spot.”

“Really? The two legged animals without horns.”

“ Yes, those ones. Come, the evening is upon us and they always disappear in weird wooden boxes in the evening.”

Hum… question of the day… how many ibex have taken my pictures?