Dark chocolate?

If a preference for bitter taste shows narcissism tendencies. What about the meaning of enjoying dark chocolate? That can taste pretty bitter, therefore also linked to narcissism? Still dark chocolate is often recommended as a mood elevator when feeling depressed… however if that mood elevator then increases narcissism, this is definitely something you want to get out of in depression, or we could be creating a vicious circle… That’s one huge challenge in research, results are often presented out of context, and without the context a lot of the meaning is lost; it’s like a behaviour, without the context the true meaning of the behaviour get lost.

Coffee break…

Did you know that the preferences for bitter taste is linked to psychopathy, narcissism and sadism…. And yes within these bitter tastes, neurosciences include tonic water and coffee. A predilection for tonic water or coffee, could indicate some psychopathic tendencies in a person’s personality… hum I may never again order a G&T with the same outlook on life… and more important, I really wonder where our societies, with our increasing coffee culture dependency, is going…

Break time?

It seems break time is just about breaking the task or breaking the day… What if we were to turn it regularly onto “Break time, as breaking the habit, breaking the pattern”? and when coming back to the task, when appropriate, taking a moment to assess how we can do it different? Something like developing a habit for innovation?

4 easy steps to a successful break

4 easy steps to a successful break: 1-set a date when the break is over, e.g. January 7th 2017 2- Identify a very clear task to do on the “end of break” day, e.g. write a blog post 3- Put a reminder on your agenda to ensure you get a notification on the “end of break day” with a very clear message to complete the task then 4- FORGET all about your activity during your break time, really forget about it, forget it even exists or you even have a blog. To help you, you may want to close PC or other connected device as well as notepads, post-it, writing instrument, and hide everything out of site or go somewhere without taking any of your usual working instruments. When you get your notification and you go “What’s on earth is this?” you know you had a really successful break.

From experience to cognitive complexity

A single experience in the moment, a period of peace talking to oneself in a nice environment, a moment of dialogue… and then the neocortex and words took over “re-birth” “redraw” “re-written” “re-life” “re-thought” “re-said” “re-explained” “re-understood” “re-what?” the experience is there, with 5 (or 6 senses) to record the information, everything else is cognitive interpretation and one can make it as complicated as needed to make sense out of it… personally I like it really simple maybe with some expertise in naïf art.

A belly, a character?

Hum… the dangerous may be the ones wearing their belly with pride and anger, high and up in the front, their stomach preceding them, like a weapon. It seems all their sense of power is there, adding sufficiency and contempt towards others: women, people of other countries called less industrialized, people less rich. The belly is not so large, still everything disappears behind it, the people around them, the individual they are; their thoughts remains… their pride, their salary, their fear of not having everything.

A shape, a character?

Sitting on the famous sofa, my eyes wander… Have you ever noticed how men’s bellies come in so many shapes? A shape, a character? One is coming toward me, timid, a little round, the belly towards the inside, all in good-humor –bon-enfant- without real pride. The belly weighs a little, not to the point of shame, rather a slight discomfort. It is not that the belly is too voluminous; rather its owner lacks this extra confidence in him, to carry his belly high and strong. “I’m shy” says the belly.