Ouch my feet…

Morning slow rush as I walk into the tram. I recognize yesterday’s perfume, a scent of vanilla one, and I know it’s not mine; on purpose I choose another one today. I look around curious, but my nose is not precise enough for an easy identification. It’s quite crowded this morning. I am proud to hang out with summer, and still show my sandals. As the tram stops, the usual commotion and hurry start, and a lady –which is definitely not wearing the vanilla scented perfume-, stands heavily on my feet in a rush to leave. “Ouch” I think. She looks down, sees my feet, looks up and run… not a word, not a sorry, not a turn back. That’s it; I have the fact: I am either a robot, or invisible. Would a robot feel pain? Would they have improved AI so much that I could feel pain? Go fish… let’s go for invisible, way trendier.

Where is my CAPTCHA

Am I a robot? A coffee cup, a planet, an apple, a piece of pie, a dog, a cat, a car, a cab, a table, a bench, a garden, a mishmash passing behind my eyes and through my brain, as I walked among advertisement bill board… Please, choose all the pictures with a tea cup and we will confirm whether you’re a robot or not. But where is that submit button? Where is my Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart?