Narrow escape 2?

Hum… so far so good… no questions… a few comments easily forgotten… a bit more evading and vague words –actually for another 19 days- and I will have nailed it! The “New Year Resolutions escape”! Better than an escape game, a damn real life situation and a real life saving one! Nearly there!!!

Damn good story or narrow escape?

I can read the story already, a romance novel, but better since in real world. A flashback to the first encounter, the first electricity between body and mind, and the infatuation as the words play along the story drawing circles and heart in my head. Such a narrow escape -pfff- but still a damn good story in my head!

Nagging me…

It used to be there unseen, a stable element in my urban city landscape providing shade and wind at times. It used to be the tree. And then it became “The big tree in the corner”, a meeting place, a token of interest, a beacon of possibility. It is nagging me today, that big tree, that escaped idea… at days a virus I can’t get rid of, at others a cure I could get, and most days a well gone romantic token of what is not. What about an Instagram snapshot in my brain I could forget once taken? or rename once printed on my neurones?