Lost souls

There are so many ways to lose a soul… Facing utmost boredom. Going to a supermarket on a Saturday afternoon. Falling in love – at least I’ve heard. Loneliness. Crowdiness. Listening for the third time to the same explanation you could not understand the first time… And the question of course is not how to lose it, rather how to keep it, your soul glued to your own body, hopefully. No, glue does not work, just got messy. A leash is the best I could do. One of these long extendable leashes which can let my soul hikes in the meanders of my thoughts with its puppy eyes, sniffing at every bits of desperation and hope.

Lost in the meanders of my brain..

It’s not that I am slow, sleeping or procrastinating, it’s just my brain. It seems lost in the meanders of its own, processing you know what in an unknown world behind my conscious veil. I glimpse one or two things happening behind the veil and that’s it. That’s it! And here I am with two choices left. One, accept the slowness, keep loving my brain and mind and make the best of my day, one step at a time. Two, run mad, beat myself up for my slowness, and become angrier and angrier at everything around. Hum? Tough choice would say some people. Tough choice? Are you kidding? One step at a time, always. There are no meanders which won’t come to an opening.