The recipe

“What you making” he said looking at the bowl

“Sense” I replied


“Yes, a bit of experience, a pinch of thought, 5 minutes of self-reflecting, a bit more of observation” I turned the page of the recipe book “and that’s it. Though.. whatever I do, everyday it tastes different.”

Where is the bunny?

Hidden in a bell, bunny wonders how to escape the Easter basket. We all know, for bunny, Easter baskets are as good as death sentences… Of course, a step in basket, and bunny turns onto chocolate, milk and white chocolate today; two steps out of the basket, and bunny still runs, fluffy and white as the snow on the Easter Peaks. If the basket was the only danger? “Cheeky” the chicken has a word to say, and to protect his eggs –not yet into one single basket, and yes “Cheeky” is going through a sex change- he is ready to ring the bell and alert the authorities that the bunny is hiding. Who knows when the bunny got eaten, the eggs may be safe. Oh the thrilling life of Bunny the Easter rabbit!

It’s everywhere

It seems movement is everywhere… in our body, our blood flow, our electromagnetic field, our thoughts and our brain, our biology. In the world around us, the cycle of water, the cycle of life, the cycle of natures. Even in our building, slow movement through the years or centuries. It seems movement is everywhere… and still we curb it every day sitting again and again, thinking and thinking again and again…an illusion of immobility? An illusion of control?

Immobility or illusion?

Lunch time, a river, a tree on the ground, many trees around, water singing along, and a sun warm already on the afternoon world. I close my eyes, another tree in the landscape, immobile and in the moment. Immobile? Or rather a perfection of tiny little movements keeping my body in balance, always moving in a subtle dance, an illusion.

Smile, stretch, grimace and learn

The alarm clock is still ringing a soft call –Coldplay, Spies, for me- to get out of bed. 1, 2, open, close eyes and night. 3, 4, nose up, nose down, forehead up, forehead down, lips to one side, lips to the other side, a competition of clown faces in the morning. Which grimaces will get me closer to my goals? Smile, stretch, grimace and learn suppleness in my facial expressions, keeping my brain alert, training it to better recognize micro-expressions and emotions. A new morning routine?

Tic tic toc the needles

Tic tic toc, no havoc in the morning, tic tic tac, no tarmac in the light, tic tic tic, thick and quick they go, the needles of the knitter, quietly sitting on the blue sofa –the red is mine, my borrowed breakfast nest- tic tic tic hypnotic, pictures from the past, the childhood and the history, there the knitting, each move a new story, a new stitch in a chapter of yarn and creation.