Continuous dialogue…

Finally, neurosciences is giving us really good basis to understand what makes a person, this fascinating notion of “neural self”. And that “neural self” is a true combination mind and body, a two-ways feedback loop in a continuous dialogue. Let’s keep moving and keep the dialogue dynamic!

Movement into evolution?

Drawing is a movement as well, a hand movement, an arm movement, a thought movement. Evolution as a series of movements? It starts with a hand, moves to a thought, and then gets the body in action, and with the body, the life of the heart and the food of the brain.


Remembering just there, as the muscles move, stretch and contract, the intention of running. It’s not a goal, neither an objective. It is not about running 10km or 20km, running in less than 30 minutes or 60. It is an intention in the movement itself, a movement which goes somewhere, with a determination that gives it purpose. And suddenly running becomes more than a movement, it becomes an emotion, a movement into an evolution.


What makes the beauty of a move is the intention. Without intention a movement is only a set of muscles contraction, at times sloppy, without direction or reason. With an intention, it gains a purpose, a step toward a horizon. It becomes part of a system, suddenly bigger than the move itself.

Day-to-tomorrow please

Confused… at times more than confused… family time and memories times… How come remembering past events annoyed me so much, at times bored me (to death would say the little devil). Maybe it’s about that, memories and remembering is not actually living; it’s running after something which has been rather than building what could be? Day-to-tomorrow please? My memories are here like a good tone muscle, still what I like is the run!

Cold turkey

“What, we are not moving” said the legs, “what we are sitting, we can’t be sitting, seriously… sitting is new smoking. Get moving.” Pause… “Really you seriously planned to sit all day… in front of that pc… seriously”… Ah the joy of internal dialogue when you go cold turkey on hiking…


One day left… Only one day ? Where are those 174 km, 11000 meters up, 12160 going down? gone, disappeared already under the eagerness of the feet. Damn… Can I do it once again? Can I extend it for another two weeks? Rewind the reel and my world to a second beginning? The end is the beginning? Hum… the spiral has spiraled, the end is just another beginning.

On its own

Whatever the challenges of the day, it is so easy. It is simple: about walking, about moving one foot after the other, about a rucksack in place, about pacing oneself on the path, about an action to be done. But evening… whatever the easiness of the evening, it can be a challenge. The absence of tasks, the absence of actions to fill the mind, the role is unclear, the visibility may disappear with the night, and still that’s when the mind is on its own that evolution really happens!