4 easy steps to a successful break

4 easy steps to a successful break: 1-set a date when the break is over, e.g. January 7th 2017 2- Identify a very clear task to do on the “end of break” day, e.g. write a blog post 3- Put a reminder on your agenda to ensure you get a notification on the “end of break day” with a very clear message to complete the task then 4- FORGET all about your activity during your break time, really forget about it, forget it even exists or you even have a blog. To help you, you may want to close PC or other connected device as well as notepads, post-it, writing instrument, and hide everything out of site or go somewhere without taking any of your usual working instruments. When you get your notification and you go “What’s on earth is this?” you know you had a really successful break.