Continuous dialogue…

Finally, neurosciences is giving us really good basis to understand what makes a person, this fascinating notion of “neural self”. And that “neural self” is a true combination mind and body, a two-ways feedback loop in a continuous dialogue. Let’s keep moving and keep the dialogue dynamic!

Movement into evolution?

Drawing is a movement as well, a hand movement, an arm movement, a thought movement. Evolution as a series of movements? It starts with a hand, moves to a thought, and then gets the body in action, and with the body, the life of the heart and the food of the brain.


Remembering just there, as the muscles move, stretch and contract, the intention of running. It’s not a goal, neither an objective. It is not about running 10km or 20km, running in less than 30 minutes or 60. It is an intention in the movement itself, a movement which goes somewhere, with a determination that gives it purpose. And suddenly running becomes more than a movement, it becomes an emotion, a movement into an evolution.


What makes the beauty of a move is the intention. Without intention a movement is only a set of muscles contraction, at times sloppy, without direction or reason. With an intention, it gains a purpose, a step toward a horizon. It becomes part of a system, suddenly bigger than the move itself.

6 to 1 or 1 by 6?

1, smell; 2, sound; 3, sensation on the skin; 4, taste; 5, sight; 6, the electromagnetic field. 6 senses to make sense. 6 to 1…. Or 1 to 1… a trend of the moment, vision, vision and vision only to make sense, What about 1 by 6 instead? 6 times more information, 6 times more influences, 6 times bigger life?

Unhuman by proxy?

One day virtuality makes her heart so big it explodes at every breath, and the next day that same virtuality makes her heart so big it shutdowns saving every breath. She swims in an open and vast world where all choices are possible, among them, being her or a dream, being human or unhuman. Are we really who we are on that other side of the screen? The fish wonders… Neurosciences proved it, between real and virtual, the brain reacts the same, creates the same chemical reaction, the same oxytocin. Funny enough 15 minutes of social media just replying online to people we will never meet or see is an amazing way to create that famous oxytocin we all crave for… “Wolf! Wolf!” Withdrawal syndrome.

Wolf! Wolf!

“Wolf! Wolf!” bips the smartphone… “Wolf! Wolf!” screams the tablet… and there on the other side of the screen the fish watches horror movies in real life without a tear or an emotion on his face. It is just another news, just another part of the world, just another 140 characters on twitter. Just another “Wolf! Wolf!” shouted to the void would say Esope.

Human by proxy opens her eyes. Bipping alerts and notifications, her soul hesitating between sleep and reality… Fact, the world is still running, the proof, that latest news notification from several apps. Fact 2, each of them -notifications- are fighting to be the first one on the phone with what could be “the less important news of the history”… and thefishontheothersideofthescreen wonders what it will really feel to be human…. Is that what senses is?

It’s in the book

Page 37, how to develop mindfulness, easy, 0 minutes of preparation, 5 to 10 minutes of cooking. Page 101, how to build up confidence, easy to difficult, 0 minutes preparation, 5 to 60 minutes marinating time or more, cooking time variable depending on selected ingredients. Page 373… And do not forget, like every recipe used in the kitchen of life, the cook master ingredient is… love.