It’s about the breathing

Another Thursday evening and I am heading to the lake. Last week it was -1˚C air temperature, and 6˚C water temperature, my body about 37˚C, hum… It’s not about the cold, it’s all about the breathing, about the listening of the rhythm of the heart and somewhere it’s all about connecting with my own heart, its own strength. Slowing down movement to strengthen it? Slowing down movement to give it some spring, like the horse collecting before a jump?

Swimming with the fishes

Here you are, wanting to swim the river up to that hill, wanting to swim with the fishes, and not always with them. Exploring, testing, trying, shifting status-quos, relearning forgotten things, questioning, discovering, connecting… shifting the equilibrium around you like a dam without any overflow capability. Great you’re a fish; there may be swimming underwater!

Swimming to the hill?

What if I could swim to the hill? Simple strokes, just one after the other… Swimming smoothly into the water… There… there is no road to think of? No zig-zag to look for? No climb to start? Just a straight swim… From the basement of my dreams, the hill looks great, bright and sunny, above land and forest and greenish buildings. There are just two things I need to resolve before I start… I am not a fish… and there is no water between me and the hill… wonder then how come I so often feel like a fish on a hill, enjoying tea time and a beautiful view over the horizon.