Moment of excellence

It was one of those quiet mornings when life came easy and sparkling. I awoke smoothly to birds singing and a ray of sun on my face, both caresses of dreams and skin; and I opened my eyes confident and happy. Everything around me was so sharp and bright, exquisite colors dancing with the sun and the fresh wind. I smile enjoying vibrant colors and sounds, to quickly pause… “Damned you idiot –I thought- you must have slept with your contact lenses”. I rubbed my eyes to ease the possibly stuck contact lenses but, to my surprise, found nothing. Here I was, fully relaxed, fully seeing sharp and bright… a pure moment of excellence… until my brain kicked in… “that’s no possible, you are supposed to be short-sighted, you should not be seeing”. In that flash of annoying consciousness, all went blurry, unfamiliar, unpleasant. There it was… now a lost moment of excellence… and a few years later I am still looking to recreate it… frustrating…

Reality, which reality?

‘At least 95% of the process involved in seeing occur in the mind. The eyes and eye muscles respond to messages from the brain. Mental strain is the cause of blurred vision,’ wrote Thomas R. Quackenbush (extract from his book Relearning to see). Vision, it seems, is happening in our mind. Reality is only a construction then. The real question then, how to un-construct something and construct a new pattern? I wonder as I walk on my toes backward trying to un-construct walking.