Four letter words again

Not having yet picked-up kick  boxing, and under stupid voices attacks again, my mind is racing to the first word I learned when moving to Dublin, this very simple four letters – k – c – u – f – but you see, in that order, it’s a complete flop –and yes another great four letter word. Imagine, you’re angry, annoyed, wanting to smash everything around you, and you voice out, as louder as possible… KCUF…. Flop… right, it’s like you’re coughing out the frog of your anger which is stuck in the middle of your throat eating your words at the same time… kcuf, kcuf…. Funny enough, the French version is not that better… listen… “m%*&de!” It’s too long, slightly mellow with the starting m, and has no punch point at the end with a nearly silent e barely comparable to a hard consonant k. Nope… have to stay with the basics today…. f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k, f&*k!

The power of four letter words?

I am really surprised? How come nobody yet has thought about creating “the four letters word Fan Club”, the “four letters word FaceBook Page”, please log in and Like it. Of course we start with Love, and its nemesis Hate, then we have life and its friends the indispensable Cake, and more generally Food; of course Face, Eyes, Ears, Nose; and then Fair, Luck. But today I have another one dancing in my head, barking at another voice –still in my head- a stupid voice of fear, fatigue, stillness, despise… and here it goes “this is bullshit, you are not even able to do this and this and this and you still want to do that, and that, and that; and you are in a perpetual race to be the one talking about something, but you are always one step behind everything, and you are so missing the point; just get real…” so I pause, right there in the middle of the tram, accepting the suggestion –indeed- to get real and… started shouted very loud and clear -still in my head, right- “F&*K, F&*K yourself damn little stupid voice, it will happen even if I don’t have any of the steps, even if I feel overwhelmed. Here you have it F&*K F&*K F&*K F&*K F&*K F&*K F&*K!” Ah! The power of four letter words!